There are several petitions to look at on this site. Please stay informed, sign, and always...share! Thank you from the wild horses!

Our wild horses face an uncertain future, the challenges they face to remain free are great. With us as their voice it is possible to ensure they remain free. Every voice, and signature counts! 

Let President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Pence know that we want our wild horses and burrows to be managed by the federal government and under that protection. We would like to reverse the Burns Amendment, re-establish boundaries of the (Horse Management Areas (HMA's) to their original lines, Make Appropriate Management Levels (AML's) more realistic (there are approximately 80 cows to 1 horse on the public lands), and to promote the use of fertility control PZP to manage populations on the range. Ask that they protect the horses currently in holding by providing shelter and long term pastures rather than over crowded corrals. Prohibit slaughter and/or euthanization of horses in holding and to stop the inhumane transport to slaughter countries. Also, ask that they put genuine wild horse advocates on the committee which makes decisions concerning use of public land and governing of the wild horses and burros.

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 Tell Congress "NO!" to the proposed slaughter of thousands of our wild horses! These horses are in immediate danger, and they need YOU to be their voice!