Camille had left the nest! She has made the transition from Blue's band, to Rogues band. She is well accepted and loved in her new family!

  The time has come for Dumplin', daughter of Apple, to move out of Samson's band, and join another Stallion's band. While Stallion's do have a say, it's the lead mare that needs to really be impressed. Word is Samson, a very kind band Stallion, brought Dumplin forward to meet Mystique the other day, and like a good stallion he brought Dumplin straight over to Treasure first, you know, for the approval. Unfortunately, Mystique's lack of experience, proved to be to much, and he pinned his ears, and drove her away! Sweet hunk of a man Samson, was close behind in case Dumplin needed his assistance. Poor Dumplin was rejected by Blondie recently also... Just a little playing hard to get, and one of the band stallions will see just what they are missing, and she will be invited in. Not many people know what is involved with forming their bands, and who stays, and who goes. It's a process that can take a few times, and is very detailed.

Our handsome Samson is the equine equivalent of a rock star.  From the first day he took over as band stallion for the original Socks' band, the mares are lined up begging for a little personal attention.  It will be an interesting spring next year as Samson could throw off a little color into the mix.  … genetically speaking… he is a bay and in his band he can throw off any color depending on the mare.  We may get a lot of chestnuts… but then again with wild horses you never really know who the sire is, and Mother Nature likes to surprise us.  Remember, our Little Socks had the band for several days, and some foals may be his, Rocky had some of them for a few days as well.  So we won’t be surprised if we have white socks on some, some roans, and some bays. Oh, and of course.. then Blondie sneaks over for a visit like a traveling salesman, and we add in a little flaxen mane and tail.  Remember… mares are loyal… but not faithful.