Bossy Betty with her filly, Faith!

Miss Bossy Betty is a beautiful chestnut mare, with a sting ray looking white star on her head. She got her name by, you guessed it, being bossy. She is especially bossy to band stallion Shorty (someone has to keep him in line right?!?) Once, after Lilly had been kicked out of Blondie's band, Shorty was courting her, and they really seemed to like each other. He never bred her, but really wanted to have her in his band.  When Bossy Betty got wind of that, she marched up the hill, and I mean marched, and scolded Shorty like a school boy.  Shorty walked away from Lilly, very sad, and kept looking back, but also in obedience to Betty. Betty's foal, Sassy, started to pick up on her mama's behavior, and started bossing others around also! I think most of us know a "Bossy Betty" in our life! 

 Bossy Betty!! 

 Good Job keeping everyone in Line Bossy Betty!!

          ~Shorty and Betty~

June 2017