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Born in Florida, raised in Southern California, retired from Verizon Communications, and now with my wife, have found our home in Carson Valley, Nevada.

My passion has always been wildlife and the outdoors, from viewing, to protecting, to capturing those shots that I envision in my head, and to share those photos for others to enjoy and learn from.For the past forty years I have played with photography, shooting family, military air shows, wildlife, and events, but for the past five years I have become very aware of the wildlife in Carson Valley.

Much of my wildlife exposure has been in Yellowstone National Park, working with Rangers, Biologist, Geologist, Naturalist, and Researchers over a thirty year period.

My main focus when shooting is safety and preservation of my subjects, many of which are eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons, which bring unique considerations for their well being.

My goal as a nature photographer is show you the beauty and magic of the natural world and what is waiting to be explored in our own backyards. My belief is we need not travel far but instead slow down and be present where we are to see and experience the magic of our natural world. My hope in viewing my photographs, you will be inspired to be present, explore and learn about the wild place around us and appreciate the beauty in the natural world which surrounds us in our everyday lives.
            I almost always travel with my dog and I never leave home without my camera and hiking shoes. My favorite photographic subjects are what I discover each day as I explore my own backyard and you “see what the camera sees.” Most of my images are captured within 50 miles of my home in Carson City, Nevada.

 I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them!

At a very early age I recognized my love for the outdoors. It wasn’t long before I also developed a passion for photography, both of which I’ve been very lucky to have been able to combine with a very rewarding active duty, and civilian career with the US Army, and Department of Defense. After thirty years of finding myself among some of the most remote, most beautiful landscape, and wildlife the world has to offer, I returned to the area of my youth. I returned to finish my career at the Mountain Warfare Training Center, outside of Bridgeport California.

I am now looking forward to enjoying my retirement among the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I enjoy sharing my photos with others, and recounting the inevitable story that accompanies each one; almost as much as I enjoy snapping the actual shot. I always look forward to spending time with my fellow photographers, out on the range with the wild horses. We have an excellent community of photographers, and Wild Horse Advocates, all of which I’m very proud to be a part of.

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I recall the intense emotion of the first day I set eyes on the wild horses.  I was raised in New York, and could only dream of seeing them in person,and when I finally did, my heart pounded with delight. I love being part of their world, and taking photos to tell the stories of their daily life.  My goal is to teach people the reality of life as a wild horse, the importance of family to them, and the need for us to humanely control their reproduction rates with the use of fertility control, in today’s changing landscape.  I plead guilty of anthropomorphization as I tell their stories.  Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates offer logical common sense solutions to allowing wild horses to run free on our public lands. Their goal is to educate people , respecting the fact they have busy lives, and allow them to learn about the wild horses at their own pace.   Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates encourages the public when we need their united voice, and smile to speak up for our beautiful wild horses.