Wild horse


In Memory

‚ÄčElisa Keena of New York, loved wild horses. She followed the Pine Nut horses faithfully, and fell in love with each one of them. One of her dreams was to see the our wild ones in person, to be in the Pine Nut mountains. Thankfully she was able to meet them in person, after winning  raffle for a trip out here. Tears fell as she finally got to see the beauty that is the wild horses, and sit and watch them in person. The filly born around the time of Elisa's visit is named after her, and Elisa Keena is thought of by everyone as we watch this sweet little filly grow. Elisa passed away after a long, courageous battle with cancer. Her love for our horses was so strong, and we will continue to fight for their freedom for Elisa.


‚ÄčElisa Keena

Pine Nut