​​When we first met Rogue, he had taken Wilma and Pebbles from our beloved old stallion Fred. Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles lived north of our range and we had pictures of them from people in that area. We suspect Fred bred Wilma during her foal heat after Pebbles had been born. She was in foal with Brandy when Rogue entered the picture. Advocates from the north said that when Rogue took Fred's family, Wilma stood on top the hill looking back at Fred, before Rogue snaked her off. This is how Rogue received his name.  Some were upset with Rogue because before Wilma came on the scene, Fred had been by himself for quite some time. We were very sad Fred was losing his family even though we know this is how it is in the wild.  Wilma foaled Brandy while she was with Rogue and either he or another stallion bred her during her foal heat, eventually producing Honey. Rogue would bring Wilma and his band onto our range but wouldn't stay very long. He was from the north, and that is where he always went back to.  During one of his visits, Shorty's son Jake made note of his girls. We think they may have sparred a bit because we didn't see Rogue for some time until Jake showed up with Wilma and his girls. Rogue continued to visit our range and matured over time, and eventually went off to the north again.  One day, we were over on the north range and discovered Rogue with two grown mares, a mom a daughter, and a colt.  We determined that Rikki might be the daughter of Reba. We could confirm that Rascal was most likely Reba's colt. Reba had another colt we named Roo, who eventually went missing. We enjoyed watching Rogue and Rascal play and one would never know that Rascal may not be his true son. Rikki foaled and her colt Romeo went missing shortly after. Rogue would escort Rascal to our range to play with the bachelors as his introduction to "stallion-hood", but when Reba gave the signal that play time was up, Rogue would go into the bachelor band to bring him home and off they'd go to the north.  Rascal and Rogue had a special relationship, unlike any we've seen with the other band stallions, and it was sweet to watch. In 2017, Camille from Blue's band joined up with Rogue and his family and they continued to roam between the northern range and ours.  In 2017, Reba, Rogue's lead mare, was hit by a car and was humanely euthanized due to a broken leg. Rogue's little family grieved the loss of Reba, and it appears that Rikki has now assumed the lead mare roll. Rascal eventually left the band and joined the Bachelors full time in late 2017. Rogue, Camille, and Rikki continue to visit occasionally. Rogue has an interesting relationship with Blue, and we wonder if the two know each other from some time in the past.  They haven't really ever fought, just played and of course Blue warns him not to come into “his valley”.  During this past summer, Rogue became interested in Samson's band and Samson became injured.  Interestingly, Blue stepped in and pushed Rogue off and kept him away from Samson’s band. Rogue is a beautiful stallion who has a pretty good human following. We've made our peace with him, but he is still named Rogue, but now he's our Rogue.

Rogue and Samson

Wild horse

December 2017 ~ Rogue


Pine Nut

Rogue & Rascal

Rogue, Camille and Rikki