Father daughter time.

Lil Girl and Dagger watching over an injured Nike.

Lil Girl wearing her winter coat.

Lil Girl
Lil Girl was born to Blondie and Sierra in June 2013. She is a truly a “bay” beauty, and is the full sister to Nike (now deceased) and Dagger, who romps with boys in the Bachelor band. 

Lil Girl remains in Blondie’s band.  It is unusual that a mare would remain with her sire after coming of age.  We suspect it is because, even prior to the fertility control program, she never became pregnant.  Perhaps Blondie “senses” this and allows her to remain, as there is no chance of breeding her.  What do you think?

She has played a very important role of nanny, auntie and friend to the many foals born after her.  It is not uncommon to find her keeping a close eye on the young ones.  She has unlimited patience for the foals, as they nip, play, and antagonize her.  She has been observed walking away as if to “roll her eyes” and telling the young ones to “grow up”!

Lil Girl is one of my favorite mares. She is quiet, and does not draw attention to herself.  I love that the other mares trust her completely with their young foals.  She has a job to do and she takes it very seriously. 

 It will be fun watching what the future holds for this Lil Girl.


Lil Girl as a young filly.

October 2017

Pine Nut

Wild horse