Pine Nut

Wild horse


Blue often goes to visit who son Samson, who is also a band stallion.

August 2017

Blue is approximately 11 years old. His mama is Susie Q. Blue is what you might call "The king of the range". He is beautiful blue roan. The first thing most notice when they see Blue is his HUGE muscles. He must hit the range gym every day. He is a majestic stallion, who earns the respect of the other band stallions on the range. Beside being a beautiful stallion, he is a very, kind, loving, protective stallion. He cares about his children even when they move on to other bands,and he stays by his mares and foals, always keeping a protective watch over his band. Blue is a mysterious stallion, in that seeing him on the range, is not always a guarantee. Sometimes his band is there,and other times they are not. We love Blue, and we are grateful to have such an amazing stallion on our range.