Pine Nut

​Rascal, a solid bay colt, was born in 2015 to Rogue and Reba. Rogue’s little band can most often be found north of our range.   It was by chance that we ran across them one day while out exploring.  We sat and watched Rogue, Rikki, Reba, and Rascal for a good while. During that time, Rascal and Rogue were playing and it was quite apparent that these two really enjoy each other's company.

As time went on, we watched Rascal grow and become a yearling and then turn in to a typical rambunctious two-year-old colt. The band would frequent our range, and Rascal could be found playing with the bachelors.  When playtime was over, Reba would give Rogue the eye, and into the romping bachelors Rogue would go to retrieve his son.  

​Throughout the next few months, Rascal would join up with the bachelors for a few days and then return home. He and Rogue were very close and it seemed like they missed each other when Rascal was off playing with the bachelors.  This was evident as when he would return to the band, they would spend time romping and playing with each other.

 One dark night in 2017, Reba was hit by a car, which resulted in a broken leg. She was humanely euthanized and her band mourned over the body for several days. It was after this that Rascal left the band for good. He has been living and playing happily with the bachelors for the past several months.

May 2018 ~ Rascal


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