Parker helping Patches keep watch over Pearl.

When we first spotted Parker, we thought his mother was Patches, who is a liver chestnut. We were surprised to see him nursing from Gabby.  Then Patches had a foal of her own, Bently, who looked like he could have belonged to Gabby! We often laughed that they had been switched at birth.

Parker and Bently have been the best of buddies since they were babies. You will often find them playing chase, sleeping, or grazing with each other. Parker has had a few very brief visits with the bachelors and we may find him with them permanently as he gets a bit older.

 We are looking forward to watching him grow and mature on the Pinenut Range.

Parker and Gabby

​​​Parker was born in April 2016 to Gabby, a little bay daughter of Blue and sister of Sofia. Gabby had been running all over the range looking for a home band of her own.   Socks took a liking to this little filly and welcomed her into the band (now Samson’s band).  This is also the band that her sister Sophia had moved onto. It is unlikely that Socks is Parker’s father.  Gabby often roamed the range and was bred multiple times by other stallions.  We believe that Parker may be the offspring of Blondie, Shorty, or one of their colts. However, we will never truly know.  As we have stated before, mares are loyal to their home band and stallion, but not monogamous.  This is not at all uncommon on the range.

March 2018 ~ Parker

Parker and Bently taking a nap.

Pine Nut

Wild horse