Meet Our Executive Board & Volunteers

Board Members at Large

Robin Havens ~ Certified Darter, Sheila Schwadel BLM Liason,

Deniz Bolbol Honorary Member, AWHC

Watering Team

Bently Ranch supplies our wild horse water

Petra Keller donated our water truck

Bob Yandow & Shirley Joyal

Jim & Robin Havens

Sheila Schwadel & Ray Andres

Deb Walker, Mary Cioffi, & John Humphrey..relief

Wayne Woolway

Certified Darters

Sheila Schwadel & Ray Andres

Deniz Bolbol

Jim & Robin Havens

Mary Cioffi & Kip Steele

Wayne Woolway

Communications Coordinator

​Darla Harvey

Marketing & Public Outreach

​Deb Walker & Mary Cioffi

Facebook Manager

Mary Cioffi

Website Manager

Rhiannon Latragna

Photo Contributors

John T Humphrey, Mary Cioffi, Nancy Hulsey,

Deb Walker, Dwayne Hicks,

Mary and Bear Dibble, Staci Pedri, Carol Nelson

Karen Aleman, Dina Boyer, Nancy Florence, Gina Benasso Reiboldt.

Ray Andres


Susan Hanley


Don't let this photo fool you....John's actually about 40ft away from Blue, but we

love how it looks!  John's a firm believer in "give them room, use your zoom."

As it should be, on their home range with

their family.....Thank you for helping us keep them their.

Jim Havens

Vice President

Deb Walker


We are always accepting Donations to help protect and support our wild horses.

Contact our Treasurer Ray at or send a check

or use the Donation Button/PayPal

Make checks payable to "Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates" Address: PNWHA at P.O. Box 2843, Gardnerville, NV, 89410.

​Sock's Band .. August 2016

Mary Cioffi walks away after a nice sunset shoot on the range.