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The pilot program we worked so hard to secure so our local wild horses could remain on their home range with their families, has been suspended due to the threat of lawsuit against the BLM.
Friends of Animals (FoA), based in Connecticut, has made false accusations that we, the volunteers of PNWHA, were forced by the BLM to dart mares with a "pesticide", which they say could cause birth defects and sterilize mares. This is absolutely false on several fronts. We have many foals to prove the complete opposite, and we willingly volunteered so our horses could stay free on our local range. In fact, we approached BLM with this management solution.

So many other wild horses have lost their freedom because humane birth control was not implemented and now this lawsuit jeopardizes the long-term future of our beloved horses. Horrible mare sterilization surgery may be done in Oregon. This type of fertility control is permanent, very unsafe, and changes the behavior of the mare since her ovaries are removed.  PZP is completely opposite of that.

The wildly false claims by FoA about the safety of the vaccine are directly contradicted by our field experience, as well as the experience of other programs across the West and the world FOR 30 YEARS. These programs have successfully and safely used the PZP vaccine to humanely manage wild horses, keep them on the range and eliminate helicopter roundups and removals. This was our hope as well.

Instead of interfering with humane programs that keep our wild horses wild, this group's funds and efforts would be better spent stopping the horrific surgical sterilization proposed for wild mares in Oregon and the gelding of stallions on the range in Utah. THAT is a true threat to our wild herds.

Never, not EVER, would we engage in anything so senseless, and false as putting our dearly loved mares and families in danger.

Sound information about fertility control with PZP: See More


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